About Us

Drone Permission is a full-service network of licensed and insured aerial photographers and videographers committed to quality media capture. At Drone Permission, all of our friendly, skilled pilots are bilingual and FAA Part 107-certified. But we don’t just provide the images, unfiltered. We offer in-house editing for photos and video. We use the latest technology, and always have the right drone for the job, with a network of pilots around the world. We highlight the complex business processes of your company through video and photo, using the latest drone technology. We are your Drone Connect.

Jorge Alvarez

Founder and CEO

Capturing the perfect shot is what I do.
If you have a vision, I will transform it into a reality.

Drone Permission was founded in 2017 as a drone specialty provider with the mission of bringing expert content creators together with businesses that needed to highlight their best projects. I built a team of drone pilots, photographers, and creatives to produce the most unique content on the market.

I was in the concrete and construction industry for over ten years, which allowed me to build relationships with architects, engineers, developers, and contractors around the nation. My expertise is understanding every minor to significant detail and making any project stand out.

I’ve had the privilege of photographing and filming exclusive global projects, working on South Florida’s most luxurious skyline masterpieces while also having the honor of being featured in various magazine cover pages.

I’m committed to making my clients feel at ease, so all moments are captured effortlessly, while getting the best results. Some of my top strengths are taking over the planning and bringing the right creators in to maximize value and effectiveness. My focus on safety protects my clients at all times.

Whether your project is small or large, Drone Permission is “your boots on the ground and in the air” capturing your unique journey.

Anthony Carabotta

Drone Operator

As Drone Operator for Drone Permission, Anthony Carabotta develops and conceptualizes content for our brand and for client-specific projects. He provides direction and support to other departments, as well as edits photos and video. His experimentations with drone tech keep us at the forefront when it comes to the latest equipment and techniques. But his love of drone technology came from a unique source: his childhood. “I’ve always loved video games and technology,” he says. “When I first saw a drone, I was immediately drawn to it. It offers such a unique perspective to the world around us.”

It’s this unique perspective that Carabotta applies to his day-to-day tasks as a Drone Operator. From collecting information on the airspace we will be flying in and applying for any authorizations needed to gain access to the airspace to researching relevant technologies and trends with drones for new ideas with merch, client outreach, and creative content, Carabotta is involved in all creative elements of Drone Permission—even the piloting, as a FAA Part 107-certified pilot. “The drone industry is fast-paced as with most technology these days, so we have to stay up to date in order to provide the best work for our clients,” he says. “It’s as close to flying an actual airplane as you can get. Besides the technical aspect of drones, I love how you can also be creative in the application of them and with the actual footage and photos you can take.

Grace Elliott

Director of Business Relations

As the Director of Business Relations, Grace Elliott handles the marketing and communications for Drone Permission, from graphic design to full-fledged marketing campaigns. She handles the strategies for Drone Permission’s social media accounts, as well as the market strategy, business development, content creation and videography.

She applied her love for art and psychology to the field of business, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. “I saw an opportunity to combine my love for creation and art with my interest in human psychology and consumer behavior,” she says. “Social media has become such a crucial aspect of the marketing mix. Fortunately, we are content creators, so we get to bring in the fun and capture people’s hard-earned efforts in a scenic and appealing way.”

Elizabeth Tran

Marketing Assistant

As the Marketing Assistant, Elizabeth focuses on networking, social media, and administrative tasks for Drone Permission. She recently graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelors in Business Administration. As a Gates Millennium Scholar, she received a full-ride scholarship to any university in the US for up to ten years. She has a passion for event planning, pageants, and sustainability. She runs the Model4Miracles Fashion Show which has raised over $100,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.